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S.A.T.H.S. Mental Health by S.A.T.H.S. Ltd

Finally, it is here.... SATHS workshops!! Those who can commute to Croydon, please come! Also, spread the word - Let us combat mental health stigmatisation by empowering those in need and moving forward! These workshops are all about fun and improving willpower. Develop friendships, brush up on your Maths and English skills, as well as develop your artistic flair! For everyone over the age of 16. Working in partnership with The Prince's Trust.

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S.A.T.H.S. stands for Subjugating the Abulia through Holistic Structures. Abulia is an absence of willpower or an inability to act decisively, a symptom of schizophrenia or other mental illness.

A scheme for young and older adults alike, we open our arms to those with lived in experiences of mental health. Fused with philosophy, Art and Education, SATHS produces workshops to instill willpower in the clients through analysis of motivational and moralistic stories with meanings behind them, to generate a constructive thinking process. The ideas and concepts unique to each individual will be displayed through incorporations of artistic medias and music forms. The client uses their creativity to tell their story/verdict/thoughts and ideas behind the "stories."

If you are arty, musical, want to learn something new, enjoy dance, would not mind having a go at drama, just want to chat or want to show the world what you are competently capable of, with a positive twist, then come along to our sessions!