S.A.T.H.S Organisation

We are an organisation, aiming to facilitate and integrate those with a capacity and wish to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing using social integration. We welcome those with lived-in experiences, whilst providing work experience for others with interests in mental health.

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About us

S.A.T.H.S. stands for Subjugating the Abulia through Holistic Structures. Abulia is an absence of willpower or an inability to act decisively, a symptom of schizophrenia or other mental illness.

A scheme for young and older adults alike, we open our arms to those with lived in experiences of mental health, who have given up on the system, but still seeks support.

If you are arty, musical, want to learn something new, enjoy dance, would not mind having a go at drama, just want to chat or want to show the world what you are competently capable of, with a positive twist, then come along to our sessions!

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71-75 Shelton Street